Founded in 1955, Houston-based The Dinerstein Companies (TDC) is a full-service real estate and development company that has developed over 80,000 multi-family apartments and 44,000 student housing beds across the country. TDC currently has over $2.7 billion under development and is one of the leading “green” developers in the country with $3.03 Billion in LEED and Fitwell certified product completed or under construction. 


  1. Introduce The Dinerstein Companies to new audiences and media
  2. Grow brand awareness for the launch of Inspire Homes, The Dinerstein Companies’ build-to-rent business line
  3. Launch The Dinerstein Companies’ new multifamily brand, Atlas


The Dinerstein Companies is a well-known and reputable real estate development company with multifamily properties stretching across the United States. Because of its trusted reputation, The PR Boutique had to craft messages for the two launches of Inspire Homes and Atlas, that remained true to the brand identity of TDC while successfully highlighting the unique features of each subdivision launch. We understood the importance of maintaining consistency in messaging with these announcements to the specific audiences and goals in these markets.


Throughout both launches of Inspire Homes and Atlas, The PR Boutique ensured that the messages aligned with TDC’s brand identity of delivering exceptional quality and value to its customers. By maintaining a consistent tone, leveraging TDC’s established reputation and tailoring the messaging to the unique attributes of each project, The PR Boutique successfully conveyed the essence of TDC while effectively promoting Inspire Homes and Atlas to their respective target markets.

The result was two successful launches that not only attracted the attention of potential investors and buyers, but also solidified TDC’s position as a trusted and reputable real estate development company. The PR Boutique’s strategic approach to crafting messages that remained true to TDC’s brand identity while highlighting the distinctive qualities of each project ultimately contributed to The Dinerstein Companies’ brand awareness in the highly competitive real estate industry.

Since partnering with the PR Boutique in Winter of 2022, The Dinerstein Companies has experienced a remarkable surge in brand awareness. Since working together, The PR Boutique has garnered 28 pieces of coverage in some of the following publications:

  1. AZBEX
  2. Bisnow
  3. Builder Magazine
  4. Community Impact
  5. ConnectCRE
  6. CoStar
  7. Houston Business Journal
  8. Houston Chronicle
  9. Mile High CRE
  10. Multifamily Biz
  11. Multi-Housing News
  12. Multifamily Executive Magazine
  13. Real Estate Weekly
  14. Realty News Report
  15. REBusiness
  16. The Real Deal
  17. Village News



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