What is Public Relations?

“A management function, which tabulates public attitudes, then defines the policies, procedures and interests of an organization… which is followed by executing a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.” as defined by Ivy Lee, the founder of Public Relations.

What is Media Relations?

The practice of working with the media to inform the public of a business or organization’s mission, policies and practices, in a positive, consistent and credible manner, without paying for it directly.

Why should I hire a PR Firm?

The PR Boutique is a carefully curated team of communication experts, who offer solutions based on learned experience, past performance and trade knowledge. Our diverse multi-generational team is one of our largest assets. We stay on top of the latest trends in social media marketing, driven by our younger generation, and combine that evolving knowledge with the experience of our older generation. In the end, execution is what counts.

Why should I use PR instead of advertising?

Earned media is more credible than paid advertising. The authenticity of an article written about an organization will naturally resonate with an audience, more than an advertisement paid for by that organization.

How do I select a PR Firm?

The key to a successful PR relationship is communication, so choosing a team with whom you feel comfortable is essential. To ensure clear, upfront expectations for your business and from your PR firm, determine your budget, develop an RFP or interview process and then meet with several agencies. Ask each potential PR partner to develop a creative campaign, then assess which can accomplish your desired results most effectively.

How much does PR cost?

PR is an investment, which in time yields a very strong ROI. The PR Boutique recommends a monthly retainer which is determined by the scope of work.

How long is a typical public relations contract?

The PR Boutique works on either a project-based cost or a monthly retainer.

What if I only want a short-term PR contract?

The PR Boutique can develop a storm term strategy for a project.

Do PR firms handle reputation management?

The PR Boutique implements comprehensive PR campaigns to effectively increase the positive perception, or strategically decrease the negative perception, of a business.

Does a PR firm write news releases?

The PR Boutique services include program development and execution, preparation and distribution of press materials, media contacts, writing and editing services, event planning and marketing, social media management, planning and review sessions, as well as ongoing counsel.

Does a PR firm offer social media management?

The PR Boutique has been creating and managing social media platforms for clients, since the inception of this form of publicity. Our team develops and executes of all aspects of social media management, to strategically tell a story and reflect a brand’s message across all relevant platforms.

Does a PR firm provide media coaching?

The PR Boutique provides coaching and counsel to representatives (as needed) before and after media interviews and speaking engagements.

Does a PR representive serve as a spokesperson?

The PR Boutique serves as the spokesperson on behalf of a client.

How does a PR firm measure success?

The PR Boutique measures success by the amount our clients’ worth or profile increases as it proceeds through the various stages of its presence in the market. We provide statistics and analytics for media placements and social media success.


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