March 13, 2018




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regarded as a leader in the acquisition, development and management of Class A multi-family and recreational vehicle (RV) resort properties. Jetstream RV Resorts, developed by CSRP, blends Class A multi-family housing and amenities with RV park convenience.


  1. Introduce Jetstream RV Resorts to new audiences and media.
  2. Keep CSRP and Jetstream RV Resorts top of mind for the media, target audiences and existing clientele.
  3. Grow Jetstream RV Resort’s brand awareness amongst potential clients.
  4. Secure media placements through strategic pitches.


CSRP is an expert in Class A multi-family housing. Leveraging CSRP’s reputation, our challenge was to introduce Jetstream RV Resorts with a consistent message: RV Resorts can be used for short- and long- term leases, providing an alternative to renting an apartment, and they offer the same first-class amenities as multi-family housing. Another challenge was to overcome pre-conceived notions of RV parks and introduce Jetstream as a refreshed and luxurious take on the status quo. While there are multiple locations of Jetstream RV Resorts, our work was two-fold: introduce a cohesive Jetstream brand while highlighting the different properties and the various locations and markets they serve.


  • Through the media outreach conducted by The PR Boutique, we garnered placements in the following publications:
    1. Bisnow
    2. Community Impact
    3. ConnectCRE
    4. Houston Business Journal
    5. Houston Chronicle
    6. Houston CityBook
    7. Realty News Report
    8. REBusiness Online
    9. RVBusiness


  • Articles featuring Jetstream RV Resort cumulatively received an estimated 78,400 views.


  • The PR Boutique created and fostered relationships with journalists in an effort to keep CSRP’s Jetstream RV Resorts top of mind.
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