Zanti Cucina Italiana


Since opening its doors in The Woodlands in 2019, Zanti Cucina Italiana has amassed a strong following with its authentic Italian cuisine. The team has spent years perfecting dishes to bring tradition and an authentic Italian experience to every customer who dines at Zanti Cucina Italiana.


  1. Introduce Zanti Cucina Italiana to Houstonians and the River Oaks neighborhood
  2. Secure top-tier media placements prior to the grand opening and post opening
  3. Features on top local influencer social accounts
  4. Invite friends, family and VIP guests for soft opening week


Opening a new location can present an array of challenges for any restaurant, and Zanti Cucina Italiana was no exception. As they transitioned from their cozy corner in The Woodlands to the vibrant and upscale area of River Oaks, they encountered a unique set of hurdles. One of the primary challenges was adapting their concept to cater to a different clientele. The expectations of the River Oaks crowd demanded not only exceptional food but also an elevated dining experience. As a result, Zanti Cucina Italiana had to refine their menu and introduce dishes that meet the discerning palates of their new patrons. Additionally, they faced the task of designing their space to reflect the upscale ambiance of the River Oaks neighborhood, creating an intimate yet luxurious atmosphere. The final obstacle they faced was heightened competition. With a surge of upscale dining options in the area, The PR Boutique was tasked with finding innovative ways to differentiate Zanti Cucina Italiana from its competitors and attract new customers.


Zanti Cucina Italiana’s grand opening was a complete success. With The PR Boutique’s partnership and work, the restaurant was able to secure 69 total pieces of coverage, combining 44 produced by prominent influencers and the other 25 from some of the following media outlets:

  1. CultureMap Houston
  2. Community Impact
  3. Eater Houston
  4. Houston Business Journal
  5. Houston Chronicle
  6. Houston CityBook
  7. Houston Food Finder
  8. Houston Press
  9. KPRC AM 950
  10. Modern Luxury
  11. PaperCity Houston
  12. Swoon Memorial

Through The PR Boutique’s efforts, it is estimated that content featuring Zanti Cucina Italiana received over 716,000 views and reached 14.3 million people through outreach. A combination of likes, comments, and shares on social media platforms put them at 67,100 engagements overall. In addition, Zanti Cucina Italiana has continuously been recognized as a top-ten most booked restaurant in Houston by OpenTable.

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