Social Media Management

Harness the power of current social media platforms.

Social media is the way people are communicating, the way people consume their news and where information is found – it is the present and the future, it is where your brand needs to be.

With appropriate Through creative content creation and strategic timing, we will build a strong social network that cultivates your brand’s web presence. Implementing and maintaining effective social media requires a valuable investment of both time and resources. As your social media managers, we will craft a powerful digital strategy and develop quality content that will help you engage your desired audience. Our team is well versed in the different forms of social media and the strengths, markets and unique qualities of each. Our team knows the Texas markets and we know where and how to reach them. Utilizing a measured strategy specially tailored to your brand will lead to effective executions, which will yield unparalleled opportunities for your brand. Let us execute a social media plan and pave the way for your brand to become a competitive voice in the digital world. Results of our efforts will be readily available to you to ensure that The PR Boutique is the right choice for your brand.

Area of Focus:

  • Brand voice
  • Targeted channel strategy
  • Content creation and management:
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google +
    • Yelp
    • Blogs
    • Snapchat
    • TikTok
  • Online engagement
  • Customized reporting and analytics
  • Continued optimization