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5 Event Photography Tips and Tricks

Best Tips for Event Photography

Have you ever looked in magazines and online to see stunning photos from events and wondered:

1. How did they get such incredible photos?

2. How did they get their event and company to be featured in publications/online?

3. How can you make this happen for your next event?

There is a simple answer to all 3 – Public Relations Event Marketing and Event Photography.

When you host an event and want to showcase its success, use it as marketing for your business, or as an advertisement for your upcoming events, it’s important to have high-quality photos and videos that tell the event’s story.

Hiring a PR firm, like us, The PR Boutique, that specializes in event marketing and photography, you only have to worry about hosting your event and having a successful night while we capture the memories of the night and use our media relations specialization to connect with local and national media and publications.

If you’re still unsure how event photography can benefit your business and upcoming event, we’ve gathered our best tips, tricks, and benefits for you!

Professional and Experienced Photographer

Yes, you can send a member of your team to take photos on their phone or camera, but if they aren’t an experienced photographer they might not be able to capture the right photos that you’re looking for. You will also lack the high-quality pictures you need for future marketing campaigns and promotions.

An experienced photographer has 1 job – to get great photos. This is crucial to your event. They won’t be side-tracked or pulled away from taking pictures; they are dedicated to capturing the event.

Also, a photographer doesn’t just show up to the event camera-in-hand ready to snap a thousand photos – no. A well-trained photographer meets with the event coordinator and hosts to map out the event space, understand the meaning of the event, get a schedule for the night and figure out which camera, settings, and extra equipment they will need to get those magazine-worthy shots.

**Bonus Tip: Ask your photographer if the layout looks correct in order to get those perfect pictures. Chances are they’ve worked in that event space or photographed similar events and can give you great insight to help elevate your event!

Make a Shot List

You can also give them specific photos that you’d like them to take with a “shot list,” which is just a simple list of things you’d like to have pictures of – the menu, place settings, centerpieces, event building, team photo, etc. .  They most likely will already have those shots in mind, but this guarantees they will be taken!

Capture the Extra Special Moments

When seasoned photographer attends events, they get a feel for when those special moments are about to happen. They know when those picture-perfect photo opportunities are about to take place and that lets them have time to set up that perfect shot.

This is especially beneficial for awards, showcases, and fundraisers because they can get those before, during, and after moments of being on stage for a speech or being presented with an award.

If you’re showing a video, they will also be able to know when those “moments of ahh” happen and will allow them to get those special audience reactions.

High-Quality Photos for Marketing & Advertising

What’s the most important part of having photos of an event? To use them in future marketing campaigns!

A great event photographer will capture plenty of candid shots and pose photos of your guests. Who doesn’t love snapping a great photo that can be used as a future profile picture on social media? That’s free marketing for your business!

Once edited and perfected you can show them off on your website, and through social media, and the PR firm you hired will use those photos to submit to their media connections to get your company and event seen by the masses!

Let’s Work Together

If you have an upcoming event that you’d like to have PR and event photography for, connect with us today. As the leading PR Firm in the heart of Texas, we have offices in Austin, TX, Houston, TX, and San Antonio, TX. We specialize in Event Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, and more.

We love keeping up with the latest trends and keeping our clients informed through blogs! Read our latest blog, Why include influencer marketing in your business.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, connect with us today, and let’s work together to make your event one-of-a-kind!

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