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March 13, 2018




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Bluebonnet Distributing


Bluebonnet Distributing is a locally-owned, independent beverage distribution company based in Houston with a focus on craft beer. In less than two years, Bluebonnet grew its portfolio from two breweries to more than 15 domestic and international breweries and multiple top-selling non-alcoholic beverages such as Topo Chico and Spindrift. Bluebonnet distributes across all nine counties in the Houston area. With over 600 clients, their products can be found in local favorites such as Adair Kitchen, B&B Butchers & Restaurant, The Dunlavy, Relish and The Moon Tower Inn, and major retailers like H-E-B, Spec’s, Total Wine, and Whole Foods.



  • Carefully craft the Bluebonnet Distributing message
  • Increase awareness of Bluebonnet Distributing through media placements, event marketing, community involvement, and social media management
  • Promote Bluebonnet Distributing and develop ongoing relationships with media, potential clients, and area businesses
  • Communicate Bluebonnet Distributing news and events to the public



The PR Boutique was retained for its services to position Bluebonnet Distributing as a top distributor in the Houston area while also spreading awareness of the unique brands Bluebonnet carries. In order to facilitate this, The PR Boutique seamlessly worked to create consistent messaging across all channels to the public – social media, community involvement opportunities and media relations were all strategically used to position the founders as experts in the craft beer and beverage industry and as a resource to the public.



    • In order to kick off the media blitz, The PR Boutique established strong messaging through the press kit and social media channels that truly conveyed Bluebonnet Distributing’s mission to bring unique beverages to Houston. The press kit was distributed to various local media outlets and industry publications including, CultureMap Houston, Houston Chronicle and PaperCity Houston.
    • Along with increasing brand awareness for Bluebonnet Distributing, The PR Boutique worked hard to establish the new brands that Bluebonnet brought to Houston.
    • As a result of The PR Boutique’s media outreach, features have been secured:


      •   Shale Magazine, May 17, 2017



The PR Boutique took over Bluebonnet Distributing’s social media Facebook and Instagram accounts, and in a matter of months, Bluebonnet saw exponential growth on both platforms.


Since January 2017, Bluebonnet Distributing has made over 35,810 impressions on Facebook and increased the number of fans by 8.2 percent.


On Instagram, The PR Boutique has consistently generated content and has expanded the initial following by over 300 new followers. Since putting a strategic plan into place, The PR Boutique has increased the level of engagement on the Bluebonnet Distributing Instagram by 4,911.5 percent.

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