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March 13, 2018




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Market Square Tower


Market Square Tower is located at 777 Preston Street, occupying a full city block and rising 500 feet, in the heart of downtown Houston’s business and entertainment district. The multi-family high-rise building offers to enjoy easy walking distance to the city’s hottest restaurants, bars, and the nine world-renowned performing arts organizations represented in the Houston Theater District. Downtown’s tallest residential high-rise, is already an attention-grabbing focal point in the downtown skyline. The real story behind Market Square Tower is not its imposing silhouette but its over-the-top luxury and amenities.



  • Carefully craft the Market Square Tower message


  • Increase awareness of and drive traffic to Market Square Tower through media placements, event marketing, community involvement, and social media management


  • Promote Market Square Tower and develop ongoing relationships with media, potential residents, and area businesses


  • Communicate Market Square Tower news and events to the public




The PR Boutique was retained for all of its services to position Market Square Tower as the place to live in Houston for young professionals and empty-nesters alike. In order to facilitate this, The PR Boutique seamlessly worked to create consistent messaging across all channels to the public – social media, community opportunities, and media relations to not only tout the over the top amenities but to position the developer as an expert in his industry and a resource to the public.



  • In order to kick off the media blitz, The PR Boutique established strong messaging through the press kit and social media channels that truly conveyed what life at Market Square Tower would look like since it would not be open to the public for another seven months. It was distributed to various local media outlets, including, CultureMap Houston, Houston Chronicle, and PaperCity Houston amongst many other publications.


  • Without skipping a beat, The PR Boutique then scheduled the media for personal hard hat tours given by the developer which procured interest and placements. Networking and young professional groups were other avenues to generate traction and The PR Boutique scheduled happy hours and hard hat tours for those organizations.


  • Once the property was open and residents were moving in, The PR Boutique not only invited the media back in for a tour again with the developer but expanded the larger story to cover the benefits of downtown living. With the media, The PR Boutique created and covered every angle whether it was socially, philanthropically, or business-driven.


  • Handling a viral video with over one trillion views is not easy, but we were able to successfully manage hundreds of journalists requests in a one-week span. We quickly ascertained the merit and value of each request before approving its distribution and kept an extensive report on the hits to share with our client as they happened.


  • Along with spreading the word about Market Square Tower, The PR Boutique worked hard to establish the property as the gold standard for extraordinary living by highlighting the many amenities within and benefits of downtown life. Market Square Tower’s key messages have been successfully crafted and spread throughout the community and will continue to expand its reach with the dedication of The PR Boutique.


  • Market Square Tower received praise from top media around the world. Following are select media placements received:


Houston Chronicle, April 2017

Tour Market Square Tower, Home of the Viral Sky Pool in Houston

KTRK-ABC 13, February 25, 2017

Cool spaces: The Hottest High Rise in Houston

The Today Show, April 10, 2017

This Glass Bottom Pool is not for the Faint of Heart


The PR Boutique started Market Square Tower’s social media from zero followers to thousands and thousands of followers.

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