Sky High for Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Louisiana native, Brittany Hebert Franklin. Comprised of a devoted staff, board members, and an army of volunteers, the organization is devoted to supporting children undergoing treatment for cancer and other life-threatening conditions. Sky High’s efforts benefit leading hospitals and research centers by closing the gap in childhood cancer rates globally.


  1. Introduce Sky High for Kids to new audiences and media
  2. Grow Sky High for Kids’ brand awareness in each of their fundraising markets: Houston, San Antonio, Midland and Odessa, Memphis, Tulsa and Lafayette, Louisiana
  3. Increase visibility to increase sponsorships and fundraising dollars raised


As a nonprofit dedicated to ending childhood cancer, Sky High for Kids’ mission and global impact is of the utmost importance. One major hurdle was raising awareness and generating support within different communities in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Effectively communicating the organization’s goals, impact and the need for the fight against childhood cancer requires a well-crafted public relations strategy tailored to each location. This involves identifying key stakeholders, such as local media outlets, community leaders and influential individuals, and engaging them in spreading the word about the organization’s mission.


Through a strategic public relations campaign, The PR Boutique crafted key messages to reach diverse audiences and maximize the organization’s global impact. Our first step was to develop a compelling narrative that conveyed the significance of Sky High for Kids’ mission. We worked closely with the organization’s leadership to understand their goals, values and the impact they aimed to achieve. With this knowledge, we crafted a powerful narrative that highlighted the transformative work being done by Sky High for Kids.To generate awareness, we employed a multi-channel approach. We crafted press releases, media alerts and targeted pitches to secure media coverage across various outlets, including print, television and online platforms. These efforts resulted in feature stories and interviews that highlighted the organization’s mission, successes and ongoing initiatives.Since partnering with the PR Boutique in Summer of 2022, Sky High for Kids has experienced a remarkable surge in brand awareness, spreading their mission and inspiring greater support for their cause. Since working together, The PR Boutique has garnered 36 pieces of coverage in some of the following publications:

    1. Houston Press
    2. Intown Magazine
    3. KADN-TV FOX 15
    4. KLFY-TV CBS 10
    5. KOKI-TV FOX 23
    6. KOSA-TV CBS 7
    7. KPRC-TV NBC 2
    8. KTUL-TV ABC 8
    9. Modern Luxury Houston
    10. NewsWest9
    11. Odessa American
    12. PaperCity Houston
    13. River Oaks Lifestyle Magazine
    14. The Midland Reporter-Telegram